Lower Elementary

The Montessori Lower Elementary curriculum is designed to spark your child’s natural curiosity. In addition to providing a strong foundation in all of the core subjects, children investigate and study in detail the disciplines of science, mathematics, cultural studies, geography, language, reading and writing, through which they discover the interconnectedness of our world.  Our Lower Elementary students also participate in Spanish, art, music and physical education on a weekly basis. Ruffing’s Lower El experience embraces the 6-9 year-old child, nurturing their innate love of learning, and guiding them to develop confidence, compassion and leadership skills.

Upper Elementary

Ruffing Montessori’s Upper Elementary curriculum inspires leadership, promotes confidence, and encourages students to master foundational skills.  In addition to the core subjects of mathematics, science, literature, creative and expository writing, history, geography and cultural studies, the Ruffing curriculum is enriched with foreign language, technology, art, music, chorus and physical education on a weekly basis.  Computers and technology are utilized by the classroom with keyboarding classes for students, as well as projects involving guided research, powerpoint presentations, and the manipulation of spreadsheets and word processing.  Our students continue the study of Spanish in Upper El, with Latin introduced in sixth grade and continuing through Middle School.  Our Upper El promotes in-depth study, while research emphasizes self-propelled interest.


Lower / Upper Elementary School Application

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